Yakuza Finger USB Drive

I’ve come across hundreds of gimmicky USB gadgets in the last few years but the yakuza finger is definately one of the strangest or coolest : I still haven’t decided!

Yakuza Finger USB Drive

As many of you know, in the Yakuza (Japanese Mafia) have a very unique ritual for apologies. Known as Yubitsume, a member would cut off the tip of his left pinky finger and hand it to his boss. Clearly the creators of the Yakuza Finger USB Drive were inspired by this ritual.

A 1GB drive will cost you 6,600 Yen, which is about £45, which is quite expensive for 1GB of memory. But if you work in an office it could be worth paying it just to freak everyone else out!

Link : Thumb USB Memory 1GB

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