YouTube Clarifies Video Monetisation

Earlier this year many prominent YouTubers voiced their concerns at major advertisers pulling their ads from YouTube. The event became known as YouTube Adpocalypse.

Certain YouTube videos started becoming ineligible for displaying ads. This resulted in a large drop in income for many YouTubers.

A few days ago, YouTube published a blog post entitled “Expanding the ability to appeal more videos” which explained a new feature that clarifies which videos can be monetised on YouTube.

A More Transparent YouTube?

In the same article YouTube also noted that they are trying to improve the video appeal system.

The current setup assumes that a YouTuber is guilty as soon as anyone reports a video. The big problem with this is that there is no one at YouTube or Google who will help you if you do receive a strike. Everything is automated.

The only way to remove a strike is to join a multi-channel network, but that means handling over a large percentage of your income to a company that contributed nothing to the production of your videos.

I talk about this latest development in the video below.

YouTube Explains What Videos Can Be Fully Monetised with Ads

What Say You?

It does not appear that YouTube is changing the currently appeal process much, but giving YouTubers more information about which videos can be monetised is at the very least a step in the right direction.

What’s your opinion on this?

I would love to hear from YouTubers on this issue so please leave a comment below :)



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