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I’m Voting for an Independent Scotland


Today is the most important day in the history of Scotland. Today is the day that myself and others who live in Scotland vote whether we stay within the United Kingdom or choose to be independent. When the referendum was approaching, I had plans to write a long detailed article about why I was voting [...]

WPEka – A WordPress Club That Offers Great Value


WPEka is a WordPress blog that I write for every month. They have been publishing some great articles recently. Though obviously I’m biased as I wrote some of these articles While their new design showcases the latest articles on their home page, it is their WPEka Club they are known for. Their club currently offers [...]

May 2014 Income Report


It is over a year since I published my first income report. These reports document the ups and downs of this blog, as well as income from freelance blogging. The reports do not detail income from other websites such as Rise Forums. May was a pretty uneventful month on this blog, however income increased due [...]

Digital Books VS Printed Books


Digital books exploded into the mainstream a number of years ago. They are everywhere. I have seen eBook devices for sale in many poor countries I have visited and in developed countries like the UK, digital book sakes have long since overtaken printed book sales. I would definitely consider myself a technophile; or as Eddie [...]

I Pinched a Nerve in my Neck

Pinched Nerve

At the start of this month I pinched a nerve at the bottom of my neck. At the time I didn’t know what had happened. I went to bed as normal (albeit with a sore back from training) and when I woke up I had a severe pain down my left shoulder, arm and hand. [...]

Happy Birthday Jesus

A big shout out to the wine making Jewish wonder boy! Hope you have a great day Jesus