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I Survived a Car Crash Today


It’s good to be alive. That is not something I thought I would be saying when I awoke this morning. Yet, that is the predominant feeling I have today. Let me explain. The Airport Run Last night I went to bed around 10pm and slept until 12.30am this morning. At 2.30am I packed my girlfriend’s […]

Are Apple Losing Their Grasp of the Tablet Market?


Apple recently announced the release of their new iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. Many were underwhelmed by the launch of the iPad mini 3 as it is not a big upgrade over the previous version. Profits from iPads have dropped considerably. Does this mean that Apple are losing their grasp on the tablet […]

The Tale of a Failing iMac and the Importance of Backing Up


It is rare that I need to deal with major technical problems. I have an all in one computer and a laptop and for the last few years, everything has just worked. However, when something does go wrong, it can put me behind on my workload. This kind of problem also cuts into my personal […]

I’m Voting for an Independent Scotland


Today is the most important day in the history of Scotland. Today is the day that myself and others who live in Scotland vote whether we stay within the United Kingdom or choose to be independent. When the referendum was approaching, I had plans to write a long detailed article about why I was voting […]

How to Kill Yourself with Butterkist Popcorn


Disaster rarely gives you a heads up when it is going to strike. I was reminded of this last night when I created a small thermonuclear explosion in my kitchen last night. After completing an article for WPMU Dev, I sat down with my girlfriend to watch a movie. We decided to have some popcorn […]

WPEka – A WordPress Club That Offers Great Value


WPEka is a WordPress blog that I write for every month. They have been publishing some great articles recently. Though obviously I’m biased as I wrote some of these articles While their new design showcases the latest articles on their home page, it is their WPEka Club they are known for. Their club currently offers […]

May 2014 Income Report


It is over a year since I published my first income report. These reports document the ups and downs of this blog, as well as income from freelance blogging. The reports do not detail income from other websites such as Rise Forums. May was a pretty uneventful month on this blog, however income increased due […]