Digital Books VS Printed Books


Digital books exploded into the mainstream a number of years ago. They are everywhere. I have seen eBook devices for sale in many poor countries I have visited and in developed countries like the UK, digital book sakes have long since overtaken printed book sales. I would definitely consider myself a technophile; or as Eddie […]

I Pinched a Nerve in my Neck

Pinched Nerve

At the start of this month I pinched a nerve at the bottom of my neck. At the time I didn’t know what had happened. I went to bed as normal (albeit with a sore back from training) and when I woke up I had a severe pain down my left shoulder, arm and hand. […]

London Baby!

Well I’m off for a much needed break to London for the weekend with 8 friends. It’s my birthday this weekend (turning 30…eeeek!) but the other reason we are going down is to see Celtic play in the Wembley Cup, a friendly tournament which includes Tottenham, Champions League winners FC Barcelona and Egyptian champions Al […]

Darts – A little disappointing

Premier League Darts turned out to be a mixed affair last night. 4 of us arrived in Glasgow around 3.15pm and had something to eat and a few beers in the Horseshoe bar. Another 5 joined us after work. We headed to the SECC at 6.30pm to take our seats. The first game was starting […]

I’ve got the Power

Premier League Darts

I’m not a massive Darts fan but I have been really looking forward to today as there me and about 10 of my mates are going to see Premier League Darts at the SECC in Glasgow. I’ve never been to see the Darts before but it looks amazing. Basically it’s just one big piss up. […]