Month: December 2009

Puerto Ricans & Jamaicans

I came across a clip yesterday of a guy called Rasheed Thurmond, a comedian who sadly passed away last year. In this video he talks about holding up a Puerto Rican guy. I recommend watching it, it’s hilarious :)

Happy Birthday Jesus

A big shout out to the wine making Jewish wonder boy! Hope you have a great day Jesus :)

74 year old bodybuilder puts us all to shame

I was watching some classic clips of peep show on my phone last night before bed. After one of the clips finished it showed the related videos links and for some reason it popped up this video of a 74 year old bodybuilder. I couldn’t believe this guy is 74. …


Azoogle send apology and reactivate my account

Last week I wrote about how annoyed I was that Azoogle wanted me to sign up for a third time as my account had been locked (due to inactivity). As I explained in my post last week, it seemed that they wanted me to do that because they couldn’t be …


Classic Fast Show Clips

Growing up one of my favourite shows was Harry Enfield in lads. Later Paul Whitehouse, one of the stars of the Harry Enfield show, was involved in a classic sketch show called The Fast Show. Some of the sketches missed the mark but there were loads of fantastic clips too. …


Azoogle Ads Support Sucks Balls

I’ve been doing a bit of research into PPC marketing recently. I have promoted affiliate products for close to 10 years now but I have mostly did this through websites rather than just landing pages and PPC marketing. So I tried to sign up to Azoogle Ads 2 weeks ago …


Spooky Vista

Last night my main laptop, which runs on Vista Home Premium, did a funny thing which it seems to every month or two. Basically, after switching my laptop off and going to bed, I am awoken by the laptop switching on again about an hour or so later. It’s a …