Month: February 2010

AC Transit Bus Fight

My brother Darren asked if I had seen the AC Transit Bus Fight clip tonight. For those who haven’t seen it, here is a summary for you all. Basically, a Vietnam Veteran named Tom is sitting on a bus talking about going to a funeral and needing to get his …


Buying sites at Flippa

I traded websites for years at the SitePoint Marketplace and have continued to use their new site Flippa once they moved most of their services there. It remains the best place available to buy and sell websites. I’ve found it really difficult to sell domains there though you can sell …


Where Do Black People and White People Buy Furniture?

I honestly thought this was just some silly internet clip when I found it. Though apparently this is the advertisement that Red House Furniture used to promote itself around North Carolina (USA). Oh and before you go, remember to order a T-Shirt! :)

Jack & Victor vs Boaby

Some classic clips between Jack and Victor and Boaby from Still Game, probably the last decent comedy to come out of Scotland.

Final say on Google Buzz

As I said last week, I won’t be using Google Buzz. If you use gmail, you may be interested to know that you can turn buzz on and off at the bottom of your Gmail account (in the footer links). I switched mine off last week but turned it on …


Off to Dusseldorf

I’m off to Dusseldorf in Germany tomorrow for a few days for my mate Kevins stag do. The flight is at 6.30am, which means I need to get up at 3am. However, I doubt that the early time, nor the still poor pound to euro exchange rate, will stop us …


Joaquin Phoenix on David Letterman

I watched an abscure film tonight by David Dobkin called Clay Pigeons. This was the Wedding Crashers directors first film. I was reading about the film was it’s a real low budget affair but it was produced by Ridley Scott and starred Vince Vaughan and Joaquin Phoenix. So I was …


My initial thoughts on Google Buzz

I’ve had the chance to play around with Google Buzz over the last few days. Forget about all the marketing talk by Google, Buzz is essentially FriendFeed/Twitter integrated into GMail. Which to me is a big plus because I use Gmail everyday anyway. Buzz also integrates with Twitter well and …