Month: October 2019

Putler Analytics

Understand Your Online Business Better with Putler

Putler is an online analytics service that was designed to help you understand your eCommerce business better. It achieves this by connecting to all of your platforms, aggregating the data and presenting it to you in an uncomplicated way that is easy to understand. In this article, I would like …



29 Great Free & Premium WordPress Products & Services

WordPress is open-source, this translates into powerful plugins and services that are being invented and launched every month. A WordPress website can always be easily improved in terms of design, traffic, landing pages, navigations, forms, and much more. This post will guide you through 29 premium WordPress products and services …


CyberChimps Responsive Theme

Responsive – The Modern Free WordPress Theme From CyberChimps

CyberChimps have been developing WordPress themes since 2010. I have reviewed many of their designs in the past, such as e-Shopper Pro. Whilst they do still have their older designs for sale, the company is focusing all of their attention on their Responsive design now. It’s a modern design that …