Advanced Page Manager – A New Way To Manage WordPress Pages

Advanced Page Manager is a useful little WordPress plugin I came across a few months ago. Developed by Uncategorized Creations, the plugin completely changes the way you create and edit pages through WordPress.

The default version of WordPress gives you four options in the pages main screen: Edit, Quick Edit, Trash and View. Edit takes you to the page editor, quick edit allows you to make basic edits inline, trash deletes your page, and view shows you the final output.

Advanced Page Manager replaces these functions with Rename, View, Unpublish, Edit, Template, Move, and Delete. View, edit and delete are the same as normal. The rename option allows you rename your page inline whilst the unpublish option allows you to take a page offline with the click of a button.

Advanced Page Manager Functions

When you click on the move option you will see the background colour of other page listings change. By hovering over another page you can choose to move your page before or after the other one. You can also add it as a sub page of a selected page.

Moving a Page

Pages can have their templates changed inline. You no longer have to go into the post to change the template being used.

Editing a Template

The plugin adds a new navigation box to your page editor. Clicking on the “Where is it?” button will return you to the tree view. The good thing about this box is that you can skip to the previous and next page directly from this area; you do not need to go back into the page listings area and then choose a page. You can also jump to sub pages from here.

Within the Post Editor

The plugin also has a feature that allows you to add new pages easily. You can add up to ten pages in this manner. They are placed before, after, or under a page you specify. For example, if you were planning on creating 5 sub pages for a page of yours, you could use this to create them all automatically.

Adding New Pages

Advanced Page Manager is not a plugin I plan on using on as I do not have many active pages. I can see the benefit of using it on WordPress websites with many pages. One of my content websites has over 100 pages, therefore this plugin would help me make modifications to pages more quickly.

I recommend trying it out if your website has a lot of pages.


Link: Advanced Page Manager

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