An Overdue Update

I can’t believe that I have not updated this blog for over a month. Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to work much over the last month. I bought a house on 18th June.

Once I got the keys I noticed a lot of problems with the house that I wasn’t aware of. For example, when I viewed the house the bathroom suite was small and basic but it was good enough for me. However once I moved in we noticed that the shower was leaking badly. The previous owners had placed a plastic sheet underneath to stop the water but there was a real danger of it soaking through and into the kitchen (the sheet was behind the bath panel).

There was also a few problems with the electrics. The living room ceiling lights were wired so that 4 lights were on and 2 were off but when you switched the light switch the 2 lights went on and the 4 went off i.e. lights were always on. The previous owner had resolved this issue but simply unscrewing the 2 backlights a little so they wouldn’t work. We also discovered that the light switch in the downstairs hallway would switch the bathroom light on and off.

Luckily my friend Michael is good with this kind of thing and was able to fix most of the issues.

My parents have been pretty good over the last month and have been helping me a lot, particularly my dad with fixing things and painting etc. I spoke with them and we decided that it was best to fix all of the little problems before moving in instead of having to work around them later.

It’s not been too bad though it has been very time consuming. It took time to rip all of the plywood up from the floors, fix the floors, remove tiles from the bathroom etc. Shopping for materials etc can get time consuming too.

I have always had a strange working schedule where I fit my work around my social life and training etc, though I usually manage to work 30-45 hours per week, but during the last month I’ve only been able to do about 5-10 hours work a week.

This has obviously affected my work. I had planned out lots of high quality articles for my new blog WordPress Mods but most have not been written. I’ve kept the site going with short posts though I feel like the site has stalled since my schedule became so busy. It just isn’t possible to develop a new blog properly with only 5 hours a week in my opinion.

More importantly, when I did find time to work, I was usually quite tired so I spent twice as much time researching and writing my articles.

Thankfully, my house is close to completion. My friend owns a joinery called Vision Joinery and has done a great job of fixing the problems which need resolved. The bathroom suite should be completed by Monday and the carpets should be fitted the following week. Then I can move in, get back into my usual working routine, and start writing quality articles.

I have been able to publish some good posts over the last month. A few weeks ago I published 200 Professional Corporate WordPress Themes From Theme Forest and today I published 500 Creative 404 Error Pages.

A guest post I wrote in June for Daniel Scocco also published today on his popular Daily Blog Tips website entitled 11 Email Marketing Alternatives to Aweber. I will need to write more guest posts of this quality in the next few months to attract new readers to my blog. If everything goes to plan, WordPress Mods will be making a small profit by the end of the year.

I will do another update of WordPress Mods in the coming weeks and let you all know what I’ve been working on.

Good luck,


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