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It’s a bit ironic that my last post was entitled ‘An Overdue Update‘ as I wrote the post about 6 weeks ago. Thankfully, I am finally getting back into a good routine.

I’m settled in my new house and focused on making WordPress Mods a success. The site has started to make a little money through affiliate commissions already. Probably between $50 and $100 a month, which is nothing to shout about but is encouraging considering the readership of the site so far.

I now have to step things up and try and get the site making at least a thousand dollars a month by the end of the year. With less than 4 months left this is perhaps a big ask but it’s what I’m going to aim for.


Traffic has been growing steadily. Back in June I posted some stats to show the sites growth.

Below is an update of traffic for WordPress Mods.


Since the start of June traffic has almost tripled according to Webalizer to around 1,500 daily visits. I’d like this to increase to around 5,000 by the end of the year.

Webalizer Stats for WPMods


From around 350 uniques a day at the start of June, AWStats are no showing daily visits of around 1,000. This is about the same rate being shown in Webalizer.

AWStats for WPMods

Google Analytics

In June Analytics was showing around 150 unique visits per day. It now stands around 500. Traffic jumped on August 31st to around 3,000 uniques due to one of my posts being heavily stumbled.

Google Analytics for WPMods

RSS Subscribers

At my last update RSS readership was only 43. It has increased to around 135, which is a bit disappointing, but it does seem to be following the same growth patten as traffic.

RSS Subscribers for WPMods

Essentially, traffic and readership has tripled in 3 months. This is the kind of growth you would expect with a new blog. If I keep the momentum going then I see no reason why I cannot triple traffic again within the next 3 months.

Guest Posts

I have been trying to write a lot of blog posts in advance. This allows me to free up time and work on other things. Guest posts are going to be my main way of promoting WP Mods so it’s important to write good posts and spread the word about about the site.

Two posts were published today: one at Flipping Websites and one at John Chow.

I have also just finished a post for Blogging Teacher and have written the majority of a post for Daily Blog Tips too. I will hopefully continue to write the odd post for these sites plus write for several more.

Due to this, I have added a guest post information page which lists all the articles I have written. It should provide a good reference for future collaborations.

I hope you have enjoyed this update. I will do my best to keep these updates up, as over time they should paint a good picture of launching, developing and monetizing a blog.

Thanks for reading :)


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