Internet Marketing

Generating Affiliate Commissions

3 Simple Ways to Generate Affiliate Commissions Through Trust

I signed up to my first affiliate program in 1999 (Commission Junction). I still recall my awe at the sheer volume of companies that would pay you to send them traffic. Although I don’t know the exact number, my guess is that I have signed up to thousands of affiliate …


Guest Posts

SEO Companies are Getting Guest Posts All Wrong

If my daily emails are anything to go by, all you need to call yourself an SEO expert these days is a Gmail account and cheap email blasting software to spam the crap out of half the internet. In an average week, I get around 25 emails from “SEO Experts” …


Affiliate Programs

5 Affiliate Programs That Make Me Money

To say that 2020 has been a crazy year for everyone would be an understatement. Few of us were prepared for Covid or a world where no one knew how to deal with it. Like everyone else, I’ve had many few ups and downs myself this year. I’ve sadly lost …


How to Get Free Stuff

How to Get Free Products

Would you like to get valuable products sent to you every week free of charge? It is easier than you think. All you have to do is review products online and build up an audience. That’s it. Every week, I get hundreds of dollars worth of products sent to me …


Don't Take Shortcuts to Success

Stop Looking for Shortcuts to Success

The internet is awash with pyramid schemes, get rich quick schemes and courses that promise that you can make a living from only two hours of work per day. You may be tempted to purchase a course or book that promotes a “Killer Technique” for making money online, but do …


ViperChill’s Detailed SEO Extension – A Great SEO Analysis Tool

We are in an age where anyone with a Gmail account and an awful Wix website can call themselves an SEO expert. I unfortunately receive dozens of emails from “SEO Experts” every week. The vast majority of them use auto-emailing software to blast out emails to thousands of websites begging …


Reducing Emails

How I Am Reducing Time Wasters & Making Emails More Targeted

Whilst I am semi-active on Twitter, email remains my primary method of speaking with potential advertisers, partners, and customers. I receive dozens of emails every week through this blog. Unfortunately, a large number of emails come from time-wasting choosy beggars who want something from me, but are not willing to …


Backlink Checker

Analyse Your Backlinks with Neil Patel’s BackLink Checker Tool

If you have read an article about search engine optimisation, you have probably heard of Neil Patel. Neil is an SEO consultant who frequently works with large multinational organisations. He passes on his knowledge of search engines to others through his blog and through his YouTube channel. He uses both …


The Bad Side of SEO – Is it Still Dark in 2019?

One of the main purposes of creating a website is to gain exposure, but what happens if your site can’t be found by your target audience? Of course, that goes against your expectations and big thanks for web technologies, there are some great platforms, like Hostinger, who can help you …