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The Top 5 WordPress Security Plugins

WordPress is a secure platform, but with so many websites powered by this software, it makes sense for hackers to focus their attentions on finding ways to exploit any weaknesses, no matter how small they are. In this sense, the popularity of WordPress could be considered a downside of using …


The Top Social Media Sharing Plugins for WordPress

When did you last read an article that didn’t give you the option of sharing it with friends? I’m guessing it’s been a while. Social media is everywhere — and with good reason. For webmasters, it’s undeniably a great source of traffic: It’s free, comes with a gold-plated seal of …


15 Great WordPress Plugins to Help You Make Money Online

With over 30,000 plugins to choose from in the Wordpress Plugin Directory alone, and thousands premium plugins available in marketplaces such as CodeCanyon, finding the right plugin can be a bit overwhelming. Even if you are new to working online, there is one thing I am sure you have realised by …


3 WordPress Plugins That Scan Your Website For Malware

WordPress is a popular target for hackers and spammers, particularly websites that are using an older version of WordPress. You simply cannot afford to use WordPress for building a website and then forget about it. The default version of WordPress is too susceptible to hackers. Earlier this year I suffered …


25 Pinterest WordPress Plugins

Yesterday we showed some of the best Pinterest Themes available for WordPress. Today I would like to focus on the Pinterest related plugins that are available for the WordPress platform. These plugins offer a wide range of Pinterest related functionality to your website. Some allow your content to be shared …


5 Great WordPress Stats Plugins

Traffic analysis is an important part of tracking the growth of your website, and seeing where traffic is coming from. This helps you plan out future decisions for your website such as what topics to write about. You probably all use Google Analytics to anaylyse your traffic. I use the …