WordPress Plugin Lists

10 Ways to Lazy Load Images and Videos in WordPress

Website page loading times are greatly affected by the weight of images on a page since each image on a page has to be downloaded from your website server to the visitor’s computer. The more images there are on a page, the higher your total page size will be; which …


10 Useful Little WordPress Plugins

Whenever I publish round up posts about WordPress plugins, I inevitably have to leave out a lot of good solutions. Many plugins are dropped because they do not offer the same level of functionality that alternatives offer. I thought I would address this by doing a quick round up of …


How to Colour Code Your WordPress Post List

I love WordPress plugins that make it easier for me to manage my blog posts and pages. There are a lot of great WordPress plugins that help you do this. One such plugin is Editorial Calendar; a plugin that is useful for scheduling your blog posts. In this article, I …


A Short Test of WordPress Malware Scanners

WordPress is the choice of many for setting up their website. Site security measures are therefore one of the most discussed subjects in the WP community. Security can be addressed through simple steps like changing the admin user name to more complex measures such as specialized security plugins. Regardless of …


A Comprehensive Guide to WordPress Menus

Navigation is a key component of every website; whether it be the front-end of back-end of your website. It is used by administrators, editors, authors, and website visitors. In this article, I would like to give you a brief introduction to how WordPress handles menus and share with you a …


The Top 30 Social Media Plugins for WordPress

Social media plays a pivotal role in driving traffic to your website. This is unlike a few years ago when search engines dominated the realm of web traffic generation. Today, in the era of burgeoning social networks and bookmarking sites, we cannot ignore the place of social media as a …


How to Remove Unused Images from WordPress

Over time, the disk space that a typical WordPress website uses increases due to images being uploaded every day. One way to address this is to remove any images that are not being used by your website. That is, images that are not referenced by your database, theme, or plugins. …


Make Money with WordPress

10 Plugins to Help You Make Money from Your WordPress Site

If you want to make money from your WordPress site, or you have the intention of making a website to generate an income, the collection of free and premium plugins on this list can help you with your goals. While using one of these great membership plugins for WordPress is …


WordPress Page Builder Plugins

The Best Free and Premium Page Builder Plugins for WordPress

A page builder plugin lets you create custom layouts for your WordPress posts and pages. These layouts are typically created using columns and rows, which can then be filled with content. The types of content available will depend on the plugin in use, but it can include elements such as …