Can Facebook Attract More Video Content Creators?

Like most blogs, I have a Facebook page that shares the articles I publish on this blog and the videos I publish to YouTube.

Despite the fact that Facebook is a powerful way to connect to an audience, I devote next to no time or energy to the platform. Firstly, because I generally find Facebook a poor place to hang out. Secondly, because Facebook rarely works well with social media auto publishing tools and frequently requires you to share content manually.

However, the main reason I don’t like Facebook is because it does not protect content creators.

Facebook is a haven for stolen content and have historically did nothing to protect the rights of those who create content.

Can Facebook Attact Content Creators Back?

I’d hazard a guess that 99% of the content published on Facebook are republished images and articles from Reddit. Stolen videos from YouTube are common too.

Their policy of letting this happen was a little short sighted as content creators were unlikely to use it as their main platform to connect with people (I do appreciate celebrities do use Facebook a lot).

Facebook realise they need to attract content creators back. That is why they have partnered with the service Source3 to fight video piracy.

I talk about this issue in the video below.

Facebook Taking Steps to Combat Stop Video Piracy

The question is whether these steps are too little too late. Facebook remains a hugely popular service, but YouTube is still the place most video creators call home.

Final Thoughts

If Facebook seriously want to attract video creators to their service, they need to get this right.

Despite not loving the Facebook service, I recognise that YouTube is far from perfect and video creators like myself need a serious alternative to it.

What’s your thoughts on this issue?


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