[Free eBook] The Ultimate Blogging Resource List

The Ultimate Blogging Resource List is my brand new resources book that was released exclusively on Amazon yesterday.

I had the idea for the book following the release of my last book, The Art of Freelance Blogging. One of the things that readers kept telling me was how helpful the resources section was. Therefore, I decided to write a dedicated book of resources that details tools, services, and resources, that all bloggers need.

Whilst the last book was written for freelance bloggers, this book is geared more towards blog owners. As such, there are lots of great resources on building your blog, promoting it, and monetising it. However, I believe anyone who owns a website will find the book useful.

There are 25 different chapters in the book. Chapters include:

  • Blogging Platforms
  • Blog Editors
  • Note Taking & Research Tools
  • Photo Editing Applications
  • Video & Audio Blogging Resources
  • Email Marketing
  • Blog Promotion
  • Advertising & Monetization
  • Blog Design Tools & Services
  • …And Much More

Hundreds and hundreds of great links can be found inside the book. I have no doubt that the book details many great resources you were not aware of.

Download The Ultimate Blogging Resource List for FREE

Amazon books can be read on a variety of devices. In addition to Kindle books, they can also be read on:

  • Browsers – Known as the Kindle Cloud Reader.
  • Smartphones – iPhone, iPod, Android, Blackberry, and Windows phones.
  • Computers – Windows and Mac.
  • Tablets – iPad, Windows, and Android.

Just like last time, I am offering the book to everyone for free for 5 days. So you can grab the book from today until Saturday.

All I ask for in return is that you:

  1. Review the Book on Amazon – Reviews are very important on Amazon. An honest review of the book will help others decide whether or not it is worth purchasing.
  2. Share this Post – A tweet on Twitter, like on Facebook or +1 on Google+. I’m keen for as many bloggers as possible to download the book during the free period. So I encourage you to spread the word :)

If you enjoyed the book and would like to review the book on your own blog, please email me the URL of your review and I will link to it on The Ultimate Blogging Resource List information page.

You can download the book for free from the link below. Enjoy :)


Link: The Ultimate Blogging Resource List

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