Ninja Outreach: The Easy Way to Connect With Influencers

The overall goal of the Ninja Outreach system is to find influencers and automate the outreach. What exactly does that mean?

Well, it’s actually an all-encompassing goal for people who run blogs, podcasts, marketing programs and regular business websites.

Ninja Outreach

Influencers are people who could potentially launch your business a little higher if you were to tweet with them, interview them on a podcast or blog, or even get a simple quote or testimonial to post on your book, website or marketing materials.

For example, Kevin Muldoon would be considered an influencer in the blogging world, while someone like Seth Godin would be considered an influencer in the business realm.

The only problem is that it can seem frustrating, intimidating and time consuming when attempting to reach out to people like this. After all, if you’re trying to get a steady flow of guest posts or interviews, that’s quite a few emails or tweets you have to send out.

Ninja Outreach works to solve all the problems that come along with influencer outreach.

Ninja Outreach Pricing

It’s worth noting that Ninja Outreach offers a 14-day free trial, so if you’d like to try it out without any payments, this is the best option possible.

As for pricing after the trial, you can choose from four plans. We’ll outline the the monthly plans, but keep in mind that annual plans are 25% off.

  • Blogger – For $49 per month you get support for one user, 1,500 contacts, a Chrome extension and unlimited searches and campaigns.
  • Small Agency – For $99 per month you get everything in the previous plan, support for two users, 5,000 contacts, automated email broadcasting and automated followups.
  • Large Agency – For $249 per month you get everything in the previous plan, support for four users and 25,000 contacts.
  • Enterprise – For $599 per month you get everything in the previous plan, support for 10 users and 100,000 contacts.

Finding Prospects and Seeing Which Messages Are Actually Working

The primary module on Ninja Outreach involves the whole process of sending out messages to influencers and figuring out whether or not the messages are working. It all starts with the templates, which are plain text and straight to the point.

You basically open up one of the preset templates and change around anything that would make it more desirable. You’ll also find custom fields for automatically pulling from your contacts and filling in things like contact, social and website information.


I particularly enjoy the automated email outreach campaigns, which you can construct in HTML format and save time by managing clicks, sends and opens. This potentially removes the need for a service like MailChimp or AWeber.

Automatic Email Outreach Campaigns

My favorite part is with the feedback you get from all emails. View open rates, clickthrough rates and reply rates to see exactly which of the templates are doing a good job for you. This ties into the in-app notifications, which essentially give you a little tap on the shoulder when one of your influencer prospects reply to an email. This all comes together to ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the opportunities that arise.

Your outreach history is all logged on the backend, while the auto-fill contact forms are there to speed up the sending process.

Possibly the most unique feature is how Ninja Outreach syncs with your email client to pull past conversations you’ve had with people. So, all of your emails are in one place, instead of forcing you to jump between Ninja Outreach and something like Gmail.

Your Own Outreach Inbox

Tapping Into Instagram Influencers

As Instagram continues to become a hub for notable people, it’s not a bad idea to use the platform when trying to reach out and potentially become business partners or work on a project together.


It all starts by asking you to punch in a keyword and search for influencers in your own niche. So, for example, you could type in “authors” and reveal the Instagram pages of popular people in that niche. Filtering is allowed, so it lets you quickly see folks with the most followers.

All of the person’s, or company’s, information shows up on Ninja Outreach. This includes other social profiles, information from their websites and even contact information if you’d like to send them a message.

Instagram Deets

You do have the ability to manage these relationships in the Ninja Outreach software, but if you’d like to analyze a list of people or transfer it somewhere else, Ninja Outreach offers a CSV export for your own use.

Overall, this module is pretty comprehensive, and it delivers information that you would never find by scrolling around on Instagram.

Locating Twitter Big-Shots

Instagram isn’t the only place to locate influential people. In fact, some would argue that Twitter is the best place to start a dialogue with someone who doesn’t have all the time in the world to reply to a long email. When you click on the Social Prospecting tab in Ninja Outreach, it reveals an area to search for your niche keyword. This is exactly like the Instagram section, so it brings up people who are tagged in that niche, along with their follower counts and locations.

Twitter outreach

That’s all fine and dandy, but the real information comes about once you start filtering and establishing a list of people you want to contact. When you open up one of the profiles it’s once again just like the Instagram section, with other social profiles, contact information and even some profile photos.

I also noticed that you can evaluate metrics like Alexa rank, visits per month, comments per post, social shares per post and Klout score. All of these come in handy when you’re trying to figure out whether the person is worth talking to. For example, you may realize that one person is popular, but they don’t interact or post much on Twitter. Therefore, it might be a better idea to send them an email or check out their Instagram account.

Finally, a CSV export button is provided for your Twitter influencer lists as well. You do have the ability to make tags for these lists, and you can share the lists with other users in your organization.

Managing Your Relationships

Going through Instagram, Twitter, websites and the rest of the internet plays a huge role in located the people you find worthy of talking to. However, that still doesn’t mean that you’ve made any progress with the relationships.

Therefore, Ninja Outreach includes a relationship management platform to completely replace the complicated customer relationship management tools out there.

As with the social tools, this module allows for keyword searching. The only difference is that this area searches the entire internet. For example, if you punch in “fashion,” names of people will show up, along with their website and the people following them. Feel free to search for as many keywords as you want or import a spreadsheet from your other software.


Keeping track of your contacts is fairly simple, since the tagging inside the software lets you filter based on those tagged words. As an example, you can tag people as business prospects, bloggers, authors, manufacturers or whatever it is you need for your company.


The only problem is that this could lead to a giant list of contacts. Therefore, Ninja Outreach has a setting for marking the customer relationship status. This way, you know exactly where you are in the relationship process. It certainly avoids any awkward introduction messages that would go out to people you have spoken to before.

Track Emails Personality

One problem I’ve seen with tools like Ninja Outreach is that personality is often sacrificed for getting tons of emails out to people. However, it seems like Ninja Outreach has this covered with the smart templates and analytics. Smart tags fill in more personal information, while the analytics reveal opens, clicks and replies.

And of course, the messaging history is all logged in Ninja Outreach, allowing you to look back at what was talked about before. From my testing it really removes the need for a CRM, and it actually looks cleaner and easier to navigate than most email clients.

Find Thousands of Business Leads With a Simple Search

The influencer finding tools are the primary components of the Ninja Outreach system, but what if you’d like to use this for managing business leads? This could be anything from executives to journalists.

It turns out that Ninja Outreach provides a separate search tool that works just like the ones we talked about above. All you have to do is punch in a keyword to reveal a list of possibilities.

In addition, the email finder tool prevents you from having to scan through company websites. It asks for a name and delivers the email addresses for that person. I particularly enjoy this feature since I’ve spent lots of time searching for the About or Contact pages on websites before. Now it’s all consolidated and presented when I search for a quick name.

Email Search

Sale messaging templates are there for you as well, and the tracking comes into play when you’d like to see things like clicks, opens and replies.

Finally, the automation here is key, since the outreach tool lets you email your leads, track for interest, and follow up to replies. The messages sync with your email clients, and the overall objective of this section is to ensure that you know who to follow up with and keep those relationships fresh at all times.

Ninja Outreach Support

I like Ninja Outreach quite a bit, but the question of customer support always comes up at the end. After all, many quality online tools are ruined by the fact that you can’t get a hold of someone when you’re having trouble. Well, it turns out that’s not the case for Ninja Outreach, since they offer phone numbers for both UK and US customers, and the feedback seems to be positive.

A contact form is also provided, and you can schedule a call with the CEO, which I’ve never seen before in my long time writing reviews. Not only that, but the company has a program where they basically do all of the work for you. So if you don’t have the time to work with the software and find leads, you can pay extra.


In addition, a blog is there for updates and some guides, while the Academy serves as a crash course for things like strategizing, marketing, tracking and hiring.

The support from Ninja Outreach doesn’t disappoint, and the multitude of additional services and programs is rather impressive as well.

Who is Ninja Outreach For?

I would recommend Ninja Outreach to people who need to connect with influencers in order to make their business run. For example, bloggers need to find places to guest post. This is the perfect tool for that. Podcasters require people to interview. Ninja Outreach handles that as well. Along with content research, Instagram prospecting, link building and content promotion, Ninja Outreach seems to cover all of the bases.

So, give the free trial a go, and feel free to drop a line in the comments section below if you have any questions about this Ninja Outreach review.