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Growmatik Review – Turn Your Visitors Into Customers

Growmatik is a feature-rich marketing service that helps you convert visitors into customers. The service describes itself as an “Omni-Channel Marketing” solution, which means that the focus is on providing users with the right content at the right time. The overall goal is to give people value. In practice, what …



Dropship to the USA With Ease With MerchMixer

Even if you didn’t realise it, if you have bought anything online, you’ve bought something that was “Dropshipped” to you. This means that the seller never held the goods. They simply received your order and then shipped the product to you via a third-party dropshipping company. Dropshipping has always been …


Formal Founder

Find the Perfect Identity With Formal Founder

Finding the right name for your business can be a headache. Even if you find the right domain name, you may find that the identity is already taken by another business or that someone else has the username on Facebook or Twitter. This is where a service such as Formal …



WinX DVD Ripper – Play, Backup, Rip & Convert Your DVDs

WinX DVD Ripper is a DVD ripping application that helps you play DVD content and copy the data to your computer. Whilst it is heavily marketed towards Windows 10 users, the software does work with older versions of Windows and is also available on Mac. It can be used to …



5KPlayer – The Video Media Player That Can Play, Stream & Download

I recently expanded my webmaster resources area to include more video production products and services. One of the products I recently added to the video media players page is 5KPlayer. The player was developed by the same people who created VideoProc; a video conversion application I use frequently to convert …



JustStream – Cast Your Mac to Your Television With Ease

JustStream is an application for Mac that allows you to cast video files and mirror your desktop to your television. It works with all Apple Mac computers that use OS X 10.12+ and above. You can cast to televisions that support casting and to devices such as Apple TV, Roku …



How to Secure Images with SmartFrame

SmartFrame is a versatile image toolkit that allows you to protect your images and improve delivery speed to website visitors. Using SmartFrame you can prevent others from stealing important images and deliver high quality versions of your image to website visitors on many different devices. The service is free to …


Nestify – Managed WordPress Hosting That Won’t Break the Bank

Nestify are an online hosting company that offer managed WordPress hosting services for blogs, WooCommerce stores and agencies. The company also offers custom VPS Hosting packages for websites that were built with other platforms. If you host with Nestify you will receive DDoS protection, security scanning, daily automatic backups and …


Putler Analytics

Understand Your Online Business Better with Putler

Putler is an online analytics service that was designed to help you understand your eCommerce business better. It achieves this by connecting to all of your platforms, aggregating the data and presenting it to you in an uncomplicated way that is easy to understand. In this article, I would like …



Retrieving Lost Data with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

If you have ever searched for a partition manager or data recovery application, chances are you have looked at EaseUS. The company has been developing software applications since 2004 for Windows and Mac, and more recently, iOS and Android. I have used their EaseUS Partition Master application in the past …