What topics should I write about on this blog

I have been meaning to update this blog more often as it's the blog I enjoy updating the most. The reason I have not updated it much recently is because when I have a lot of work to do, that other work takes priority.

Just like everyone else, I am looking to make more money through the internet and lately I have found some interesting methods of doing that (not groundbreaking but interesting). I have thought about writing about some of the topics however I am unsure if I should.

Here's the deal. This blog is essentially my personal blog and business blog rolled into one. It's a good place for me to write about things on my mind and since I work online sometimes these things are sometimes related to web development, making money on the web or whatever. My aim for this blog is not to make money though I can't say I'll never place ads here.

Perhaps I'm thinking too far ahead but I'm scared that if I started writing more posts on web development and making money I could be a victim of my success. There are one reason why this could be a problem – I could never sell this site. I have had this domain for years and have used @system0.net email addresses for the majority of sign ups. It is also my identity on the web and I call myself System0 on many forums.

You might be asking why this is a problem? Well, from working online for 8 years the one thing I have learned is that every site has it's price and there will come a point many times in your online career when you need to re-evaluate what websites are your priority. I have sold quite a few sites which I thought I would never sell because of either my personal life (eg travelling) or because another site started making more money and needed my full attention.

Due to this I have thought about maybe starting a new blog to talk about web development topics. Once which I can personally blog on which I could sell if I found my situation changed (though I'd probably just hire some writers). Quite a lot of traffic to this blog comes from my blog BloggingTips however I'm sure many visitors are disappointed to arrive and see me talking about a film I saw or whatever.

I'm not 100% on the idea but I think that writing web development and making money online topics would be better posted on another domain. I would be able to promote the blog more easily too. Of course, this would mean this blog would be more personal and include more random rants by myself!!

What do you think? Any suggestions or feedback on this would be greatly appreciated :)

I am an experienced blogger who has been working on the internet since 2000. On this blog, I talk about WordPress, internet marketing, YouTube, technology and travelling.
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