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Writers Required For WordPress Focuses Blog

WP Mods, short for WordPress Modifications, has been online since March 2010. There have been around 250 blog posts on the site up until this point. I will continue to write for the site though I am hoping to reduce my writing frequency and work with good writers who will help me develop the site over the next year or so.

WPMods discusses all things WordPress. The latest WordPress news is covered when applicable but from week to week the site mainly reviews themes and plugins which I believe visitors will like. I occasionally write tutorials and do large featured articles too (which can be seen down the right hand side of the blog).

Going forward I am looking for writers who can help me write about themes and plugins on a regular basis. The site has covered a lot of themes and plugins in a short period of time so it's important that writers search previous articles to make sure an item hasn't been covered before.

I am also looking for good writers who can write longer, more in depth articles. These featured articles will require more research and more time to write so the rate will be increased accordingly. The rate will be agreed with the writer before they begin. For example, if a writer suggests doing a post called ‘100 WordPress Themes to …' then the rate would be larger than an article with 50 items.

The applicant should :

  • Have an excellent grasp of English (spelling and grammar)
  • Be reliable and work to agreed timescales
  • Be innovative and research topics on their own
  • Have experience with writing with other mainstream blogs

Preferably, the applicant should link to 3-5 articles they have published on a mainstream blog. I am willing to accept a guest post submission from writers if they do not yet have an online portfolio though please note that it can be very time consuming to review articles, therefore if the standard of the initial post is not sub par, it is unlikely that I will take the time to read a second draft. I apologise if this sounds harsh but I have wasted hours reading sample posts and second submissions and it ends up being a huge drain of time.

I will endeavour to reply to every applicant though, due to the volume of applicants, I cannot guarantee that I will reply right away. Please allow a few days before following any submission up :)

If you have any questions please contact me.


Kevin Muldoon

I am an experienced blogger who has been working on the internet since 2000. On this blog, I talk about WordPress, internet marketing, YouTube, technology and travelling.
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