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Win 10 Software Licenses from EaseUS


EaseUS are a huge software company that makes applications for Windows and Mac. Their software primarily focuses on data recovery, backup management, and partitioning. Their flagship data recovery solution is Data Recovery Wizard Professional 8.6. The software helps you restore data from laptops, hard drives, servers, flash drives, and more. It is capable of retrieving […]

Optimise Your WordPress Website with Nelio A/B Testing


How much time do you spend optimising your website? 2 hours per month? 30 minutes per month? Never? I will freely admit that I do not spend enough time tweaking certain elements of this blog. For example, most of my articles were named after one or two minutes of thought. I never took time to […]

PG Dating Pro – An Expensive Dating Script You Should Avoid


I remember the reaction of people many years when someone spoke of a friend using an online dating service. The general assumption by people was that they must have been desperate. It is funny how times change and things become socially acceptable. Online dating no longer has the stigma that it once had. Today, it […]

It’s Time to Focus on High Quality Content


Every month I give a quick report in my income reports on whether traffic to this blog has gone or up down. Some months my traffic goes up. Some months it goes down. My reports on the growth of traffic to this blog have been uninspiring (to say the least). It is painfully obvious that […]

Win 1 of 3 Platinum Club Memberships from WPEka


WPEka is a popular WordPress store that sells themes and plugins. I have written many articles for them over the last year so I have a good working relationship with the company. It has become common for WordPress theme stores to develop a few WordPress plugins in addition to WordPress theme. However, WPEka has not […]

Creating Lists in WordPress with W4 Post List


Good content can easily get lost on a blog. That it is why it is important to highlight your best content. You can do this by taking advantage of related post solutions, such as the one included with Jetpack, and by showcasing your best content on your home page and blog sidebar. A quick check […]

How to Make Money with an Online Arcade


Online arcades remain a good way of making money online. They are very popular with younger demographics such as 12 to 17 and 18 to 24. From a development point of view, creating an online arcade is simple. There are many great arcade scripts available that can be purchased at an affordable price. All you […]

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