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The Truth About OptimizePress

OptimizePress 2.0

There’s a few things I hate about OptimizePress, and a few things I love. I’ll get to that soon, but let me be transparent on the front end. While it’s the bread butter and sweet brown sugar for some of the best copywriters, digital marketers, and content curators in the game, it’s only one of the many software [...]

Monarch – A Better Social Sharing Plugin for WordPress


Elegant Themes newly released Monarch WordPress plugin is a fantastic social media solution that is packed full of features.

7 Powerful Tools to Overhaul Your Online Marketing Strategy


There comes a point in every digital marketer’s life where one must graduate from an amateur to a professional. Once you’ve fully grasped the foundation concepts of marketing, learned the inner workings of the best digital strategies and platforms that work for your business and figured out what metrics are applicable to determining ROI; it’s [...]

Are Apple Losing Their Grasp of the Tablet Market?


Apple recently announced the release of their new iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. Many were underwhelmed by the launch of the iPad mini 3 as it is not a big upgrade over the previous version. Profits from iPads have dropped considerably. Does this mean that Apple are losing their grasp on the tablet [...]

CodeLobster – A Powerful Free PHP Based IDE


An IDE is a piece of software that helps developers code and create websites. The acronym is derived from the longer term Integrated Development Environment. Typically, it contains tools such as a source code editor and a debugger. The purpose of an IDE is to streamline the development of languages such as PHP. The developers [...]

A Review of TemplateMonster’s WordPress Cherry Framework


All good WordPress theme companies develop their own WordPress framework. This framework allows them to build a standard set of options and features into all of their themes. It also helps them develop themes more efficiently. I have used dozens of WordPress frameworks over the years. The latest one I have tested is called Cherry [...]