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Are Developers Doing Enough to Market Their Products?


Developers of digital products and digital content have to wear many hats. It is not enough that they spend time developing a good product, they also need to market their products and offer support to customers. It can be a difficult juggling act. I think to is fair to say that most developers are not […]

Make Sure You Always Control Your Domain Names


Your website domain name is one of the most important assets of your online business. It is the land in which you build your online house. Despite this, many people continue to allow their domain names be controlled by third parties. As you can imagine, a lot of problems can arise because of this. In […]

How to Perform Fast Keyword Research with Keyword Studio


Keyword research is an important part of creating and analysing campaigns and projects. All major online companies use keyword research as part of their overall marketing campaign. There are a lot of options available online for searching for keywords. One popular option is Keyword Studio. Keyword Studio is a premium keyword research tool that promotes […]

The Problem with Facebook


Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has been in the news almost every day. Its most recent milestone occurred a couple of weeks ago when Facebook reached one billion active users in a single day. That is a mind-boggling statistic, however I do not believe it tells the full story about what is happening with […]

Kickstarter Clones for Launching a Crowdfunding Service


Kickstarter is a crowdfunding service that helps businesses get started online. Project owners can get funding for new products and services by offering rewards to those who contribute. For example, a contributor may receive a special edition of a product by helping a company fund the launch of the product. A number of other crowdfunding […]

Storesy – A Beautiful Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme


Storesy is the latest WordPress theme from eCommerce experts CommerceGurus. Released at the start of September, the design is being marketed as a WooCommerce WordPress theme; however, I believe the design is a true multi-purpose WordPress theme that can be used to build any type of website. It only takes a few minutes to appreciate […]

Reduce Image File Sizes with Optimus Image Optimizer


Optimus Image Optimizer is a WordPress plugin that greatly reduces your image files. It prides itself in reducing image sizes without losing image quality. Smaller image files will help your website pages load quicker. It also means you will be using up less storage in your hosting account. In this article, I would like to […]

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