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The Unprepared Travelling YouTuber


Last week I recorded a short video at Paris airport on my way to South America. One week has passed since I recorded that video, so I made a point last night of recording a quick video explaining my current situation with YouTube. I had hoped to record this video and upload it without many […]

How to Promote a Business Blog


Gurdeep from GDesignz recently asked me a question about how to promote a business blog. He asked: I have a question about promoting the blog that I have recently started a blog on my website “”, but I don’t have idea how I could take it to the people so more and more people could […]

How Should WordPress Developers Market Multiple Products?

WordPress Plugin Lists

Diego from GreenTreeLabs recently asked me an interesting question about marketing multiple WordPress products. Hi Kevin, I develop and sell WordPress plugins. My problem is that I currently have many websites, one for each plugin, and every site has a different style and theme. I’d like to have a unique style, a brand identity, but […]

100+ Actionable Tips to Help You Be More Productive

Productive Procrastination - Featured Image

Being more productive can save you time and money. Yet it is something that which many people do not give enough attention. In this article, I give you over 100 ways of using procrastination to your advantage, to be productive, and to get work done without it causing stress or pain. A more playful version […]

Shopkeeper – Everything You Need to Sell Online


Get Bowtied are a design company that specalise in eCommerce designs for WordPress websites. They have a successful track record on ThemeForest. Their first design, entitled The Retailer, has close to 9,000 sales since its release two years ago. They followed up a year later with Mr. Tailor, an eCommerce design that has just under […]

A Quick Hello from My Stopover at citizenM, Paris


Video editing is a necessary part in recording videos and making them look more professional. I am still a complete novice when it comes to video editing, however I have been spending more time editing videos in order to integrate screenshots and videos (well, I have been trying to do that). What frustrates me is […]

Grow Your Email List with Bloom


Elegant Themes caused a stir in 2014. They strolled into the year off the back of the launch of Divi, which is now regarded as one of the best WordPress themes in the market. Later in the year they expanded their range of plugins by releasing the stylish social media sharing WordPress plugin Monarch. You […]

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