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Win One of Five WordPress Themes from TemplateMonster


The guys at TemplateMonster have kindly donated five premium WordPress themes to readers of Aren’t they nice! The giveaway lasts for one week and will expire next Thursday at midnight; so be sure to participate in it now to avoid missing the deadline. Read on to find out more about what you can win […]

I Remember the Frustrations New Bloggers Face


When I first started blogging regularly, I used to publish tutorials that were targeted towards beginner bloggers. It was natural for me to focus on these topics as I was learning new things about blogging every day and wanted to share what I learned with others. Over time, I became more experienced at blogging and […]

Affordable SSD Hosting with InMotion Hosting


InMotion Hosting are a managed hosting company based in Los Angeles, USA. They offer shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and reseller hosting. They recently got in touch with me and gave me access to a hosting plan so that I can take a closer look at what they offer. I would therefore like to […]

Growing Your Blog’s ROI – Yes Blogs Can Be Profitable


There aren’t enough hours in your day to spend time growing your social connections as you know you should. There are many more effective ways of growing your social presence than spending hours on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. Bloggers are short of time, and need to make every minute count, so you need to use […]

Minimizing Lost Leads for Bloggers – A How-to Guide


Not enough blog readers buying your products? Join the club. If you could only work out where you are losing leads then you could fix them. If you are a blogger who wants to earn more, then converting more readers into buyers is what you want to do. This article will show you how to […]

The Right Audio Levels for YouTube


In this article, I discuss what you need to do to get the right audio levels for vocals and background music for publishing on YouTube.

The Ravelli APLT2 50″ Light Weight Aluminum Tripod


I picked up the Ravelli APLT2 50″ two months ago for only £6.32 delivered. I had looked at more expensive tripods that were sturdier, but I was keen on getting something lightweight that I could take with me when I travel. Despite the tripod having some cheapish qualities, I am very happy with my purchase. […]

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