Month: February 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

I was really pleased to see Slumdog Millionaire pick up 8 Oscars last night, including Best Picture and Best Director. I watched it a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed it. The film is about a young boy from the slums who makes it onto ‘Who Wants To Be …


Koh Pha Ngan

Last Thursday me and Chris left Lamai and headed up to the north of Samui to a quiet place called Ban Ruk. It’s where the boats leave for other islands. It was pretty good but perhaps a little quiet for us as there was only one good pub but even …


Pulled Calf Update

My pulled calf continues to be a real pain in the ass. Last week my leg was feeling a lot better. I wasn’t limping in any shape or form and touching my calf didn’t hurt either. So I decided to go for a 30 minute run around 6 oçlock in …


Quick Update

I’ve been in Lamai, Koh Samui since last Friday. Me and Chris got dropped in the town centre and whilst walking we found a cheapish place called Bonny Hotel. From the outside the place looks awful, an old grey blocky building that wouldn’t look out of place in communist Russia …


Full Time Domain Name Blogger Required

I am looking for a full time blogger for my domain name blog ProTycoon. The blogger will post 5 times a week on the blog (no more than once daily). The successful blogger will be paid $200 per month and will be paid in arrears via Paypal (sorry I cannot …


Down For Everyone Or Just Me

I had a DNS cache issue the other day which was stopping me viewing my own websites. I assumed my websites were all down but that’s not the case. My host, WiredTree, recommended a great site for checking if your website is really down. It’s called It’s a quick …


Stupid Online Financial Woes

I arrived in Koh Samui on Friday. Last night, I went to the ATM and the machine swallowed my bank card. So this morning I went into the shop the ATM was inside and asked who to contact. They pointed me towards a kiosk down the street, who in turn …


Red Dwarf On Coronation Street

I was a huge Red Dwarf fan growing up (still am) so I”m looking forward to the 3 or 4 episodes they are showing later this year. UKTV have released some pics from the filming of the new episode, taken from none other than Coronation Street.

Google Maps VS Nokia Maps

One of my favourite features of my Nokia N95 8GB is the GPS function. It has helped me on a few occasions, particularly when travelling somewhere I’ve never been before. The Nokia Maps application is pretty good. It’s a bit slow but it does a good job and I was …


I’m Off To Koh Samui

I spoke to my friend Chris yesterday. We had spoke about spending some time in Phuket before heading of to Koh Samui but Chris was unable to get a flight down to Phuket so we decided to just meet in Samui. Before I came to Thailand I visited the Thai …