Month: July 2009

Selling another site via Flippa

I am selling another website via Flippa (formerly SitePoint marketplace). Although it costs $19 for a basic listing and much more to give it exposure, it is by far the best place to list a website or domain for sale and you get a much better response than listing a …


Twitter Blog For Sale

In order to free up more of my time, I am selling all sites which are not essential to my long term committments. The latest of which is Time To Tweet, a Twitter related blog which comes with a Twitter account with over 10 thousand followers. To find out more …


New Modern Warfare 2 Video Out

Really looking forward to Modern Warfare 2. The last call of duty game was ok. I downloaded all the additional maps for it but I just never got into it, it just isn’t a patch on COD4, which is probably the best game released for the PS3 or 360 to …


London Baby!

Well I’m off for a much needed break to London for the weekend with 8 friends. It’s my birthday this weekend (turning 30…eeeek!) but the other reason we are going down is to see Celtic play in the Wembley Cup, a friendly tournament which includes Tottenham, Champions League winners FC …


Tattoo Locations

Found this pic on and thought I would share it with you all :)

Work Developments Within The Last Week

I have been doing a lot of planning and research the last few weeks into what I will be doing workwise over the next few months. The first thing I did was decide to get rid of any sites which take up my time but aren’t part of my long …



I went to see Sacha Cohen Barons latest film Bruno tonight. As expected, there were a lot of outrageous scenes that made you squirm. It is very similar to Borat in many ways. It’s shot in the same way, has a similar story about going to America (Los Angeles) and …


An Incredibly Easy Way To Remote Control A Computer

I have been struggling to remote control my larger computer with my smaller 10.2″ laptop. My main laptop uses Vista and my smaller one uses XP and there seems to be difficult connecting the two. I’ll be honest with you. The main reason I want to do this is because …


How You Recover Closed Tabs In Google Chrome

I’ve started to use browse the web with Google Chrome a lot, particularly with my netbook. It’s really fast and the bookmark and tabs system works very well. I recommend downloading it if you haven’t already. If you are using it, you will appreciate these tips on how to recover …