The Art of Freelance Blogging is Now Available in Print

I’m pleased to announce that The Art of Freelance Blogging is now available in print format. I have written several eBooks in the past, however this was the first time that I ever created a physical book.

Self-publishing a book through CreateSpace is free and easy to do. In my opinion, it’s stupid not to have an eBook published in physical format if it is of a good length (say, over 100 pages), as the hard work has already been done. The book has been written, you are simply publishing the book in a different format.

Despite me not doing any real work for the book to be published, it still feels like an accomplishment. I live in a digital world, so for me to create something tangible is pleasing.

The book is 580 pages long. Unfortunately, the length of the book means that I was not able to price the book at the price I wanted. The book retails for $19.99 in the USA, £14.99 in the UK, and €17.50 in mainland Europe. I didn’t have much choice over this. The absolute minimum price CreateSpace allows me to sell the book for is $19.53. And it’s not like I’m making a huge amount of money for each sale either. At a price level of $19.99, I make $4.18 per sale through Amazon and a bewildering $0.18 through their expanded distribution outlets. I appreciate the book is quite lengthy, though it does seem that a 20% commission for me is much to low (it’s 70% for eBooks).

Many thanks to…

A big thank you to the guys at Polgarus Studio. It isn’t just a matter of uploading your eBook file to CreateSpace. You need adjust the margins, align images, and ensure that everything is set out where it should be. So I am really appreciative of Polgarus Studio correctly formatting my book for print.

If you are looking for help with formatting, I highly recommend them. Their prices are very competitive and their turnaround times were amazing. We initially agreed everything on Friday and they delivered the file by Monday. They then made several modification requests for free.

Polgarus Studio

Once again, I called on the very talented James from Humble Nations for my cover design. He previously designed the front cover, however for the physical book he designed the spine and back cover for me. He did a fantastic job.

I highly recommend him for eBook designs. If you cannot afford a custom design, you should check out his massive list of pre-made designs at Go On Write. He’s currently selling pre-made eBook covers for only $35. It’s an absolute steal, particularly when you bear in mind eBook designs of that quality usually sell for more than $300.

Go On Write

The Art of Freelance Blogging has proved hugely popular so far. The price for the digital book is currently $4.99. This may change in the future, though I do want to keep my books affordable. If you prefer physical books, I recommend buying the book in print. You won’t be disappointed. If you are unsure as to whether to go with the digital or physical version, I would recommend the digital version. It’s currently a quarter of the price of the physical book and you will be able to view it on multiple devices (phone, tablets, laptops, etc.).


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