Income Reports

This page details my previous income and traffic reports for In each article I look at the previous months traffic and income and whether my goals were met.

These income reports do not detail all the make money online. They detail how much I make from, from my books and from freelance blogging.

A Note About the Accuracy of My Income Reports

It is difficult to provide accurate figures for my income. There are a number of reasons for this.

When I first published income reports in May 2013, I did not take a step back and think of the best way to report figures. Specifically, I failed to incorporate fees into my reports. For example, if someone sent me $150 in respect of an article I wrote for them, I would simply add $150 to my monthly total. However, the money I received was not $150, as PayPal takes several dollars as a fee. And after that, I am charged at least 2.5% to convert US dollar income to UK pounds.

I realised this mistake months later, but for consistency, I have continued to report the money that was actually sent. Therefore, when it comes to payments via PayPal, my income could potentially be up to 8% lower than reported.

With other affiliate networks, such as ShareASale and ClickBank, payments are paid directly into my bank account. I will still be hurt by poor currency conversion rates, however these payments do not have a fee taken off for receiving money.

Most of my income is generated in dollars, however I also receive payments in UK pounds and in Euros. When I am writing my income reports, I simply use the exchange rate given at; however this is never the currency rate I actually receive. Therefore, most payments are inaccurate in some sense.

Another problem is reporting affiliate income in the correct month.

The bulk of my affiliate income currently comes from three or four sources. If I generate income in a month, I will detail it in my income report the following month, even if the commission will not be paid for a few weeks.

I review products and services frequently. With many of these products, I only generate a commission sporadically. Some months I earn nothing, other months I may only make $10 or $20. It simple is not practical for me to check dozens of affiliate accounts every month to check earnings. Therefore, I do not report these figures. Instead, I wait until I have met the minimum payment requirement and been paid.

As a result of this, income that was earned in November, might not be paid out until the following March. I will then report the earnings as part of March’s overall income total. However, it is clear that this gives an inaccurate representation of my income. To be more specific, it would underestimate November and overestimate March. Over time, income will be true for a given year, but slightly inaccurate on a month to month basis. It is not ideal, though it is the most practical way for me to report things.

At the end of the day, my income reports are a way for me, and others, to look at the performance of this blog. All figures given in reports are 100% correct; however, due to the issues mentioned above, they do not give a true representation of my income. Truth be told, the only true representation could come from me reporting the money that is withdrawn into my UK bank account. But this is not possible as I generate income from many websites. I also have expenses for other websites. So the total money withdrawn to my bank account would represent all my websites, not just this blog.

Please take all of this into consideration when reading my reports :)


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