March 2014 Income Report

March was an uneventful month in many respects. I did not launch a new website or work on anything unique. I just plodded along as normal and did what I always do.

Those of you who have read my previous income reports will know the drill by now. In these reports I look at how I performed over the last month through freelance blogging and through this blog.

Please note that this report does not include any revenue or expenditure from other projects such as Rise Forums.

Traffic Statistics

I saw a spike in traffic in the middle of the month due to a few posts going viral on Facebook. This was the main reason traffic statistics were much higher.

The traffic is probably not something to get too excited about as I do not believe it was targeted. My primary aim remains to increase average traffic steadily every month.

March 2014 Traffic
  • Visits – 29,759 (+11,751)
  • Unique Visits – 26,443 (+10,720)
  • Pageviews – 60,279 (+13,756)

* Difference in traffic from previous month shown in brackets.

Last month my global Alexa rank was 73,085. It currently stands at 67,777. This is a drop of around five thousand.

Readership & Social Media

I am not someone who spends a lot of time on social media. However, I do realise that my following on services such as Facebook and Twitter will grow as my traffic and profile grows.

The one thing I was pleased about was the slight increase in subscribers to my email newsletter. This is partly due to the new design I have for I am keen for me to keep this up and increase the sign up rate to my newsletter.

Income & Expenses Details

I did not bring in any new clients in March, however my freelancing income increased a little due to writing a few more posts. The drop in affiliate income was disappointing, however this was offset by some reviews I published.

In total I earned $3,263.95 in March. I also paid out $100 for two guest posts, therefore my total profit was $3,163.95. This represents an increase of $163.87 from February 2014.


  • Freelance Blogging = $2,655.90 (+$177.42)
  • Consultation = $50 (+$50)
  • My Books – $122.71 (-$8.24). This includes digital and printed book sales.
  • Affiliate Income = $285.34 (-$21.31)
  • Advertising Revenue = $150 (+$150)


  • Guest Posts = $100

* Difference in income and expenditure from previous month shown in brackets.


March has been the most profitable month for me so far this year, however I did not make any significant changes to this blog. The most important thing I tried to do in March was bring in some good writers.

Unfortunately, the overall standard of applicants and submitted posts have been very poor. There are great writers out there so I need to place an advertisement on some job boards and try and bring in the right people. My hope is that my guest post expenses for April increase to over $500 as that would mean that I am increasing the posting frequency on this blog. Over time, that should mean more traffic.

I hope you enjoyed this income report. If so, I encourage you to subscribe via RSS, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter for future updates.


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