Month: April 2009

GreenBox – The Eco Pizza Box

A pizza box for the 21st century! The pizza box design has remained unchanged for the past thirty years. For your customers, the box is too unwieldy to store uneaten pizza and takes up too much space in the trash can and is totally environmentally unfriendly. This video explains how …


500GB Optical Discs Being Developed

Blu-Rays were launched a few years ago but they still haven’t really caught on, well at least not to the extent of regular DVD’s. I can play Blu-Rays through my PlayStation 3 but movies are still really expensive in that format so I haven’t bought any movies in Blu-Ray, especially …


Product Placement in Films

When I am updating one of my websites I sometimes put a film on in the background. So that it doesn’t disturb me too much I usually put on a film I have already seen. Tonight I put on Casino Royale, Daniel Craigs first Bond film and in my opinion, …


Monkey Fighting

Don’t you just hate it when they edit films for TV and take out the swearing. Check out the TV edited version of the soon to be cult classic Snakes on a Plane. You can even buy a t-shirt with the slogan!

How long will you live?

According to this Life Expectancy Calculator, I’m going to live until I’m 88. OK, maybe I can take a few years off that because of too much alcohol at the weekends but I’m sure my Scottish DNA can cope with that! How long will you live?

Terminator Salvation

On 21st May the new Terminator movie will be released. The film made a lot of news last year because of Christian Bale going crazy at someone on the set but most people will have forgot about that when it comes out next month. I saw the trailer today on …


Cool LED Watch

Apparently, this LED Watch was released in October 2008 but I’ve not been able to find it anywhere (I’ve read on a few websites that it is a concept watch and won’t be released – Boo!). At first glance the watch resembles a bracelet but at the touch of a …


Yakuza Finger USB Drive

I’ve come across hundreds of gimmicky USB gadgets in the last few years but the yakuza finger is definately one of the strangest or coolest : I still haven’t decided! As many of you know, in the Yakuza (Japanese Mafia) have a very unique ritual for apologies. Known as Yubitsume, …