Brenda Barron

Manage Multiple WordPress Websites with CMS Commander

Maintaining multiple sites can take a lot of time. You have to go to each site individually and perform updates, often of the same themes and plugins. To save time and make running multiple sites easier you can use a service like CMS Commander. What is CMS Commander? CMS Commander …


Monetize Your Content Website with VigLink

VigLink is an affiliate program for site-to-site ecommerce. It does this through several means, including adding links to keywords on your site, providing scripts for banners for use in your pages and posts, and providing scripts for use in email and social media. There is something here for both publishers …


Build a Website Quickly With WP Beaver Builder

WP Beaver Builder is a WordPress plugin and theme that can be used together or separately to create amazing websites with ease. You have full control over your layout by using an easy drag and drop system. You can start with a template or just create your own from scratch. …


The 5 Twitter Apps I Cannot Live Without

Twitter is one of the best social networks to engage with your audience. However, keeping up with your posting schedule can eat up a lot of your time and get out of hand if you’re not careful. One of the best ways to increase productivity and keep up with your …


Slack Takes the Guesswork Out of Team Communication

Keeping great communication with a team is one of the most challenging aspects of any team project. There are many options to solve communication problems but most fall short. Most only handle one aspect of communicating and make it difficult to track projects and get up-to-date information. Slack is a …


Taco the Spokes-husky

Why Organizing a Blog Schedule is Easier with Trello

I’ve tried out my fair share of project management tools. More than my fair share, actually. I try on a solution in hopes of finding a good fit and am often disappointed. Whatever tool I’m testing is often missing some key feature that is a real deal breaker for me. …