Opera Turbo

Before switching to FireFox a year or so ago, I used Opera for years. It was so much faster and practical than anything else out at the time, especially when you are working on the backend of websites all day long. The current stable release is 9.64 although you can …


Google Maps VS Nokia Maps

One of my favourite features of my Nokia N95 8GB is the GPS function. It has helped me on a few occasions, particularly when travelling somewhere I’ve never been before. The Nokia Maps application is pretty good. It’s a bit slow but it does a good job and I was …


The Amazon Kindle Digital Reader

I read the other day that Amazon are releasing the second version of their electronic reader, the Amazon Kindle. It looks like a great little device but I think it’s going to be a few years before this kind of thing is accepted by the masses. Many are suggesting it …


Ascii Cam

I came across a cool webpage the other day which uses your webcam to take a snapshot of you in an ascii format. I recommend checking it out. Link : Amazing Instant Ascii Cam

Google Adds Video and Voice to Google Chat

I read today about the addition of video and audio to the chat option in GMail. I use gmail to read the dozen or so email addresses I have and I use the chat every now and then too so this is a nice addition. Before it was just a …


Some cool FireFox tricks and tips

For years I used the Opera browser but in the last year I’ve been using FireFox. Recently I’ve been learning some neat tips and tricks which you can use with FireFox so I thought I would pass them onto you all. Enjoy :) When you start to type in a …


How to fix the no sound problem in firefox

A few days ago I noticed that videos were not playing in sound in FireFox. My laptop was still playing sound ok through windows media player and internet explorer but not through FireFox. I checked my mixer panel via the sound icon and it said that sound was not working …


Fring is pretty good

I installed Fring on my phone tonight. Fring is a free script which allows you to access all major messenger services through your phone. It allows you to chat and call via AOL, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Yahoo, SIP, AIM and Skype. It also has Twitter too! The messenger …


Why I’m not excited about the 3G iPhone

I’ve read loads of tech sites over the last few days talking about the release of the new 3G iPhone. I got to use the first iPhone went out came out the other year. Then it was lacking 3G support when every new phone had it. They have rectified that …


Boot & run Linux easily using a USB Flash Drive

Following on from a suggestion from Eric Odom, I have installed Ubuntu as a second operating system on my new portable laptop. I encourage you all to try using Linux at one point. Years ago Linux users were not catered for by software designers but most scripts now cater for …