Don’t Grow an Email List – Buy One

Growing an email list is a tiring affair.

You need to entice people in with free eBooks, competitions, and other free goodies. Even when you bait people in, it will probably still take years of adding content to your website in order to generate the traffic necessary to acquire a substantial email list.

There is a quicker and easier way to do it.

Buy an email list.

Purchasing a list of email addresses will instantly give you thousands of people who you can send an email blast to. One company that helps you do this is Ninja Emails.

Check out my video below to hear my opinion about this service.

Buying an Email List - Smart or Stupid?

To find out more about Ninja Emails, keep reading on.

What Do Ninja Emails Offer?

Ninja Emails provides email lists that can be used to help you generate more leads. One of the key selling points about their service is that they give you a 1:1 exchange for any data that was not valid.

Ninja Emails
Ninja Emails was voted Asia’s number 1 data vendor.

In the main navigation menu of Ninja Emails you can see the regions in which they provide data.

They have a large presence in Asia, but they also have a large number of lists in Australia and the United States too. In contrast, they only offer one email list for the United Kingdom.

Ninja Emails Regions
Email Lists are categorised by region.

On their home page Ninja Emails explains that their data is “aggregated from the top 20 database vendors, list brokers and mailing list service providers used by Fortune 500 and global MNCs”. That’s a professional way of saying that their lists aren’t garbage.

Ninja Emails also promises low bounce rates and a one for one replacement for any data that isn’t of good quality.

Their full feature list states:

  • Highest Quality Premium Emails
  • Low Bounce Rates
  • No Payment for Bad Data – 1 for 1 Replacements
  • Industry’s Most Up-to-Date List
  • Strict Distribution Control
  • Most Comprehensive Data Set

On the home page of Ninja Emails you will also see testimonials from customers. Call me sceptical, but most of these look fake. No one’s business or website is linked to and the video testimonials look a little too polished to be real (not to mention all testimonials have been uploaded to the Ninja Emails YouTube channel).

This is not to say that the company does not have genuine customers, but they should put more attention on displaying more information about customers so that it does not look like everyone was paid to give a testimonial.

Nina Emails also provide an email marketing service in which they send out your emails for you.

The Cost of Buying Email Addresses

The cost of an email list depends on the number of emails and the category of email. For example, whether people included in the list are professionals, marketing executives, accountants etc.

Prices generally range from around $99 to around $499.

USA Email List Pricing
Pricing depends on the number of emails and their importance.

I sent an email to Ninja Emails to get an understanding of how the process works.

They advised that:

“When you purchase our email database, you receive an excel sheet with the email address (and other fields such as company name, contact person, depending on the list). You can then use this to send out an email campaign on your own.”

A detailed explanation of the list can be found on the information page for each list.

150,000 US Philadelphia Business Corporate Emails
Sample files can be downloaded to before you buy.

Their email delivery service is designed to assist with bulk email delivery. Most online email marketing services, such as those listed in my article “10 Amazing Email Marketing Services for Bloggers“, are strict on importing email lists to ensure their delivery rates remain high.

Email lists can still be imported into services such as MailChimp, however every single person on the email list has to be emailed a request to become an active subscriber. Only those who opt-in to your email list can be emailed.

My advice is to never use a hosted email marketing service to send an email list you bought as you run a very high risk of getting your account banned.

The high risk of your account being closed makes the optional email delivery service appealing.

Ninja Emails provides a simple report on the number of emails delivered and number of opens (sent to you a few days after the emails have been sent).

Email Marketing Pricing
Delivering 50,000 emails is only $50 more expensive than delivering 25,000.

Ninja Emails states on their website that typical open rates vary from 1% to 10%. If you email 100,000 people, you can expect between 1,000 and 10,000 opens.

Should We All Be Buying Email Addresses?

No. We should not all be buying email addresses. Of course we should not.

If you’re a blogger who has been growing your list for a long time, keep doing what you are doing. Likewise if you have an email list of your shop’s customers.

However, for the right project, buying email addresses from a company such as Ninja Emails makes sense.

You could use a purchased email list to promote your business, your products, or an affiliate product.

Again, you should not use a purchased email list with a hosted email marketing service. It makes more sense to use Ninja Email’s delivery service or use a WordPress plugin or self-hosted email marketing solution such as Sendy.

With the right affiliate product, you could generate a lot of commissions, but before you attempt to make money by doing that, it is best to speak to someone at the affiliate network or affiliate program. They will advise you what their policy is whether that kind of promotion is allowed.

Do not take any risks in this regard as many companies do not want to be associated with unsolicited emails and may not pay you for any conversions you make. They could even close down your affiliate account.

Final Thoughts

I have yet to test Ninja Emails myself, however the concept of buying email addresses does intrigue me.

If buying an email list would help me generate a lot of money or help promote Rise Forums, I would maybe consider it. That makes me a complete hypocrite as I hate spam.

Tell me this: If someone could provide you a targeted email list that was related to your business, would you buy it if the price was right?

Buying an Email List - Smart or Stupid?

What’s your thoughts on Ninja Emails and the idea of buying email lists?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this issue.


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